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In July of 2017, with a Grant from the Stuart Foundation and in Parntership with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, the Carlston Family Foundation held the first Teacher Leadership Academy. The Teacher Leadership Academy is designed for early career teachers, teaching in high need California schools with the specific purpose to reduce the attrition rate of first through fifth year teachers. The program was designed and presented by Carlston Family Foundation Honorees who committed to support and advise the participants for the 2017-18 Academic school year. Participants were invited to attend the 2017 Carlston Family Foundation’s Educational Symposium to discuss the effects of their experience on the first few months of their teaching. The video below includes interviews with each of the participants as they discuss how their experience at the Academy changed their teaching.

Teacher Leadership Academy Participant Interviews.

Each year during the Annual Awards Ceremony and Educational Symposium the newly selected Honorees and the student who nominated are interviewed and asked questions provided by faculty of various California schools and colleges of education, which they use in their teacher preparation programs to spark discussions with future teachers.

2017 Teacher Interviews:

2017 Student Interviews:

Please read the following article about Lindsey Bird, 2015 Carlston Honoree and Director of the Language Institute at Davis High School in Modesto, CA, where students from more that 30 countries, speaking 18 different languages, come as refugees to the US, speaking no English and, within 3-4 years are fluent in English and able to move on to higher education.
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In our efforts to use the expertise of Carlston Honorees to add interest and content to California teacher preparation programs, the Foundation has joined with San Diego State University College of Education and San Francisco State University Graduate School of Education to provide an opportunity for future teachers to hear well vetted classroom teachers share their craft. Faculty from each of these Universities present questions for the Foundation to ask our Honorees and to film their responses. In November, 2015, we filmed interviews with 31 Carlston Honorees, who each answered one or two of the questions submitted. Please view these videos of highly successful and consistently effective teachers as they share their thoughts on a variety of pertinent topics.
2015 Teacher Interviews

The following link is a clip of a follow-up to MSNBC�s story Acquillahs Muteti, 2009 Carlston Honoree, that appeared December 28, 2015 on MSNBC�s Last Word With Lawrence O�Donnell. O�Donnell was so moved by the story and invited Dr. Muteti to appear in studio for a follow-up interview on December 29, 2015.
In Studio Interview of 2009 Outstanding Teacher Honoree Acquillahs Muteti

Please view this Clip from MSNBC's "Last Word with Lawrence O�Donnell� on December 28, 2015 that features Acquillahs Muteti, one of the 2009 Carlston Family Foundation Outstanding Teachers of America. At the time of his selection, Muteti was a Statistics Teacher at Pomona High School, in Pomona, California and in May, 2015 he earned his Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California.
"Last Word with Lawrence O�Donnell" featuring 2009 Outstanding Teacher Honoree Acquillahs Muteti

"Please read Marty Brandt�s 2014 First Place Essay which will be published in the California Association of Teachers of English Journal, �California English,� in the fall of 2015. In his essay, Marty writes of an experience in his early years of teaching that changes how he viewed his students and, ultimately, changed the path of his career and his teaching. Inspired by �Diving In,� an essay by Mina Shaughnessy, a composition scholar, who learned not to dismiss her students, Marty shares how she inspired him to be who he has become today. Marty was honored by the Carlston Family Foundation as one of the 2003 Outstanding Teachers of America."
Marty Brandt's Essay Driving Well

Below is a video of a presentation made at the 2014 National Council for the Teachers of English at the Gaylord Hotel just outside of Washington DC. The presentation focuses on how successful teachers use reflection to improve their practice. It also addresses student teacher supervision techniques, using �Metalanguage� to revise and nurture teacher practices in the classroom.
Using Joseph Harris' Metalanguage for Revision to Nurture Reflective Practice

Below is a link to an Educational Blog by Dr. Jonathan Lovell, Professor at San Jose State University. This is an excellent blog to follow regarding improving teacher practices.
Jonathan Lovell's Blog

2014 Educational Symposium Keynote Presentation
by Joseph Johnson, Ph.D., Dean, School of Education, San Diego State University.

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