About Carlston Family Foundation

The Carlston Family Foundation was founded in 1987 by the founders of Broderbund Software, an educational software company located in Novato, California.

From 1987 to 1998 the mission of The Foundation was to support the volunteer efforts of Broderbund employees by making grants to social service and environmental non-profit organizations at which the employees worked as volunteers. Since its inception, The Foundation has made hundreds of grants, totaling approximately $2,000,000, to support such organizations. When Broderbund was sold in 1998, the Foundation became independent.

Currently, the mission of the Carlston Family Foundation is to recognize and reward outstanding teachers in California public high schools, a continuation of the original goals of the Broderbund Foundation and its founders. To be considered for this award, teacher MUST be nominated by former students who are either currently enrolled in or who have graduated from four year colleges or universities. The students believe their former teachers had a live changing impact on their lives both academically and personally. The follow are quotes from a few of the nominations received in 2013:

"Ms. Page was the first teacher ever who believe in me and convinced me I could go to college. She was the first teacher who convinced me I was smart enough to compete in higher education. Without her, I would never have gone to college."

"I never dared to dream about college until I met Mr. Valdivia. He inspired me and gave me the strength to find a way out of my abusive family life. I took a leap that ultimately made all the difference in my life. I went to UCSD and was successful and now I am an editor in New York City. Instead of a hurt, damaged and insecure girl, I am a confident, successful career woman with a bright future."

"I have had many teachers and professors through high school and college, but Mr. Azama is the teacher who definitely influenced me the most. What distinguished him from the rest was his unrelenting enthusiasm for teaching, his focus on student participation, his constant engagement and his willingness to experiment with new technologies to enhance learning."

"When I met Ms. Lawson, my life began to change. I felt an instant connection with her. She inspired in me a desire to work harder than I ever had. She pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits. She believed in my abilities and, for the first time in my life, I believed in myself."

"Before meeting Ms. Groff, I was just a typical barrio Hispanic boy. She did for me what no other teacher then or since could do. She sparked an interest in me to learn and to look well beyond only getting a high school diploma. She motivated me to find my calling - to become a high school Biology teacher. I will be fully credentialed in the fall of 2013."

These remarks are typical of the comments heard from former students of the Carlston Family Foundation�s Outstanding Teacher Award recipients.� We applaud these teachers for their persistence and dedication to making the educational process work for their students and for providing their students the academic and personal skills to be successful in higher education that will propel them toward goals they had not dreamed of before.

We encourage former California public high school students to participate in next year's nominating process.

Nominate your outstanding teacher!